Dear sirs,
  I have received the carpet that I ordered. I want to thank you for your
  María Rosario Méndez

María Rosario Méndez Delgado (Madrid)

Thank you very much. It is a truly nice gesture. Please be sure that I will recommend your site to all my relatives and friends, and that after this you have become my "go to" store.
Greetings and thank you again!

encarna encarnacion rodtiguez corral (Sevilla)

Excellent quality rugs and our order arrived on time. Many thanks to your excellent cooperation. The best present for Christmas! Thank you

Magdaline (Madrid)

Hemos recibimo nuestra alfombra hoy.Fue excellente.

Mejor de lo que estábamos esperando.

Pedro (Granada)

Very good rug. Excellent value for money.



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