Our company imports and sells rugs and carpeting from the 1960's.

In 2008 our company created the online store halia.gr, the most updated online department store for rugs and carpets in Greece, making sure our consumers receive the lowest prices possible.

Utilizing technology and low operating costs as an on-line store.

Without any cost for shipping, by exploiting the large volume.

With no cost for cash on delivery service.

While maintaining the highest quality possible and reliability offered by well known brand products.


23 Oktovriou 91, Larisa, Greece.

Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη


Apostolos Chatzis

 Carpets and Rugs e-Commerce Company

23 Oktovriou 91, Larisa, 41221, Greece.

Vat number: EL039634614


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